Do it yourself laundry
Bubbles bay

Are you looking for a modern and reliable car wash with a stylish design? With Malta’s Do It Yourself washbasin, you meet all your customers’ needs. The facility has a modern and impressive design and technology, and is also very flexible and adaptable in accordance with your and your customers’ wishes.

Briefly about Do it yourself wash

Modern and aggressive style
Can be designed according to the customer’s graphic profile
”Off the shelves” component -> high availability of spare parts


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Do it yourself Wash with a stylish, stable and tested construction

The steel constructions at Maltes do it yourself wash guarantee long durability and are available with two different coatings:

ABS Top Line
Aluminum Cover

With the stable steel construction as the frame, the design of the popular “Stargate” machines, with the new ABS Top line cladding, has been implemented at Do it yourself laundry.

The round lines give this facility a modern and tough look, with a design that stands out. At the same time, the cladding Aluminum Cover gives the facility a stylish and traditional linear style.

The washing plant comes as a container solution, where the technology part is delivered complete from the factory, with all technology installed. It is also possible to have a payment terminal installed and integrated already at the factory. It provides a higher quality when everything is assembled and tested in the manufacturing environment, and that it minimizes the need for assembly on site.

Bubbles bay, the flexible and adaptable do it yourself solution

With a Bubbles Bay facility, you are guaranteed to give your customers excellent conditions when it comes to cleaning and self-washing solution for cars. Such a facility gives you the opportunity to increase sales in your business, by attracting customers who otherwise do not wash their car in a regulated laundry. Bubbles Bay is a flexible do-it-yourself laundry facility that can be adapted to the size of the facility you need, with between 1 and 8 washing areas. Depending on your customer group, we can adjust the system in height and length, so that even the largest motorhomes can fit.

A dirty car requires more functions and longer washing time, while it does not take more than a short time to rinse off road dust. For a really good profitability, Bubbles Bay therefore has a wide range of programs and the opportunity to use ”foaming shampoo”, an exclusive patented system for dirt removal. With a hand wash system, it is possible to use prewash chemicals to prewash the car. It is also possible to do brush washing, hot waxing, rinsing waxing and if necessary, it is also possible to dry the car. With a wide range of programs, both customers and plant owners benefit from the product, as it can be completely adapted to all unique needs and no one has to pay for unwanted service.