Malta's Fuel Guide

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Final construction and commissioning

While all cisterns and pipelines are still accessible and not covered by a cistern in the ground, an installation check with test printing is required. The inspection must be carried out by an accredited company in order for it to be valid.

Malte has this accreditation and thus also offers this service in connection with new construction. Inspection of the electrical installations is also required.

When approved inspections have been carried out, all pre-selected units are in place, sealing layers have been carried out and the fuel Unit is ready for operation, a inspection carried out by a local authority is normally required. For this type of construction, it is most common for the Rescue Service to be present, then together with the client and where Malte also offers to participate. When the present authority has approved the facility, you will receive a final decision. Only when this has been issued and received can you fill cisterns and open the fuel plant to all waiting refueling customers.