The new solution for alternative fuels that simplifies logistics

With this system, you do not have to drive out by tanker to fill the tank, instead you simply replace the IBC vessel.

The facility can be adapted for several different needs. Alkylate gasoline for machinery and equipment, AdBlue for vehicles, washer fluid for vehicles and Methanol for vehicles. Each liquid requires its own equipment, which is easily adapted in connection with the manufacture of the unit. The construction is based on a basic module that is always the same, but which based on wishes and needs can be supplemented for unique properties. This makes the device very cost effective. On the rear short side there is a lockable door to the space for tank storage. The door is also possible to connect to alarms as an option.

Shortly about products

AdBlue, Methanol, Washer fluid, Alkylate, RME, diesel or HVO