Core values

We always strive to deliver the highest quality!

Malte Fuel & Wash AB’s main goal is to always deliver the best possible quality of products, services and service. Our motto Solutions you can trust is our constant guiding light, and the motto guarantees the security that you as a customer can feel when you hire Malte for your company’s development and investments, in the form of solutions for vehicle fuel and vehicle washing.

Malte will continuously strive to maintain and at the same time develop and strengthen its position as a leading company in the fuel and wash area.

This is to be achieved by:

-constantly develop and improve the business
-meet requirements for the business and for our products
-develop efficient production processes and provide optimized, technical solutions, which assure our customers that Malte remains the best supplier alternative
-maintain a high level of service
-provide a corporate culture that promotes employee development

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