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Gas station & Container facility

In 1921 we made our first installation of a petrol station in Sweden. Since then, we have advanced, and are today the market leader in Scandinavia at public tank farms above ground. Our customers appreciate our technical competence, flexibility, design and quality, and this is something we at Malte are very proud of.

In step with increased and more specified requirements from authorities to safeguard against leaks and spills from fuel plants & filling stations, we at Malte develop and equip our facilities to be able to meet new requirements and rules. This is so that you avoid high penalty costs for unauthorized environmental emissions. Malte has competent and experienced staff who try to predict the future and help you create regular and sustainable solutions for your petrol station.

Our solutions

Malta’s large range of container facilities

As new fuels / fuels (such as ED95, RME, HVO and methanol) enter the market, more and more inquiries come to both temporary and complementary facilities. This is because the facilities need more tanks or need to be expanded, to meet the increasingly heterogeneous needs of the refueling customers.

Malte provides ground-based solutions for liquid fuels on both a public and B2B basis. We have a large range of filling stations from 1 m3 up to 80 m3, for different types of fuels such as petrol, diesel, AdBlue, ED95, M100, M85 and MD95.

Feel free to take a closer look at our range, and contact us if you do not find what you are looking for, and we will help you find an optimal solution!

Environment and design – key words for Malta’s petrol stations

Protecting the environment is something that permeates everything we do at Malte. Everything from choice of suppliers to construction processes. We know how important it is for you as a service provider to be able to demonstrate the minimal impression your customers make by choosing your tank facility. A conscious environmental choice will lead to more business, and your success is our aim!

We have our own design department, which means that we can offer a very well-adapted tank facility that is manufactured in Sweden; based on the latest technology, delivered in a “Plug & Play” concept and which complies with each country’s regulations.

Our filling stations have a Scandinavian design that stands for quality and simplicity, and it forms an optimal basis for profiling your brand. We can provide the most compact filling stations on the market, in relation to the volume of the fuel tank.


During the last 3 years, we have delivered more than 100 above ground tank solutions.

Deliver all over Europe

The furthest north and south above ground tank solutions are delivered by Malte.
You will also find our tank solutions on Lofoten, Norway.


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