Our History

Malte Fuel & Wash is part of a family tradition that began as early as 1909, and is still active within the same family. Characteristic of the business, which extends over five generations, is the tradition and thus professional pride that also guarantees quality, honesty and know-how.

When the business started at the beginning of the 20th century, it focused on forging work. In 1921, the very first fuel installation was made in Skottorp in southern Halland. During a period that followed, many competencies were developed under one and the same auspices, but from the 70s and 80s oil crises and new directives and requirements for fuel, our operations came to be centered on just fuel plants. In 1991, we became the first company in Europe with an approved petrol gas recirculation system stage 2. With that solution, we achieved great success in Europe, with customers such as Statoil, Shell, BP, Moll and AGIP. In 1997, we ran our largest project of all time, when we delivered gas recirculation to Shell Netherlands.

In 2000, we entered into a merger with two other businesses and thereby became Scandinavia-wide. After selling subsidiaries and making some adjustments to the business, Malte Fuel & Wash was formed in 2016, with the new co-owners Therese and Daniel Salomonsson. We look forward with excitement to new anniversaries to celebrate in the business, and a future when the Scandinavian fuel market will take a storm towards new fuels.

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