Stargate S11

This is a solution made for large laundries with high capacity requirements. S11 does two steps at the same time, which means that the machine only needs to run two turns in comparison with four, which is normal.


  • Hot-dip galvanized and painted steel construction
  • ABS plastic coverings (optional)
  • Direct portal control with frequency converter
  • Level sensor of the type ”aeronautic” with high resistance
  • Bolts in stainless steel

Vertical brushes

  • Hot galvanized steel with a single crossbar
  • Electric positioning unit
  • Double overlap front and back
  • Double inclination and locking with cylinder
  • Electronic power control

Horizontal brushes

  • Electric lift with frequency converter
  • Electronic power control
  • Sliding guides in stainless steel
  • Detection of fall prevention systems and loose belts


  • Horizontal, contour-following stainless steel wiper blade
  • Tilting tilt in three positions (optional)
  • Electric lift with frequency converter
  • Sliding guides in stainless steel
  • Side drying with two electric fans
  • Fall prevention system (with spring-loaded hook) and belts

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with dedicated solenoid valves and pipelines
  • Dosing pump for shampoo
  • Wax dosing pump
  • Two individual, wall-mounted energy chain supply systems
  • Control panel for wall placement
  • Fully integrated preset self-service kit

Briefly about the products

Reduced time
LED-Traffic lights integrated in the legs
Stainless steel wheel wash


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