Core values

Our slogan is ”Solutions you can trust”. By this we mean that we are a solution-oriented supplier, and with our solid experience and competence, we ensure that we only deliver solutions that meet each country’s rules. When you as a customer buy a solution from us, you can feel confident that the facility complies with relevant regulations.

We have our own KKI (design inspection certificate) for our rectangular tanks, which comply with tank instruction VIII.

Our above-ground fuel plants are manufactured according to MSBFS 2018: 3 standard, and meet the criteria for 12-year inspection intervals (according to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency; regulations and general advice on tanks and pipelines for, among other things, diesel). If the facility is to be located within a water protection area, we ensure that the facility complies with the NFS 2017: 5 standard (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for storage of, among other things, fuel within the Swedish water protection area).