Car washes

We have a plethora of really good solutions when it comes to car washing of passenger cars, with everything from simple Roll-Over to the most advanced Roll-Over washers with WaveTech brushes, powerful high pressure and wash heights up to 2.7 meters and wash widths up to 2.4 meters.

At Malte, we also offer you solutions for Wash streets, where we have one of the industry’s most robust and efficient machines! Did you know that our machines wash 8 out of 10 imported cars that are imported to Sweden? It is proof that our machines are the individual machines that wash the most cars.

Do-it-yourself washes are becoming more common in Sweden and we can deliver both cost-effective and robust facilities that make for outstanding washing results and have an appealing design.

Our solutions

Stargate S6

Stargate S7

Stargate S9

Stargate S11


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