About Malte Fuel & Wash

Malte combines unique design and solid expertise to offer complex solutions for Fuel & Wash

Malte Fuel

We did our first fuel installation in 1921 in Sweden. A lot of water has flowed under the bridges since then, and today Malte is the market leader when it comes to above-ground fuel solutions.

We provide public solutions and B2B solutions for liquid fuels. We have a wide range of solutions, from 1 m3 to 80 m3 for different types of fuels, such as petrol, diesel, AdBlue, ED95, M100, M85 and MD95. We tailor filling stations and filling facilities based on the latest technology, delivered as ”Plug & Play” and in full compliance with local regulations and regulations.


Malta Wash

We have a long experience of washing for vehicles, both car (washing streets, roll-over, do it yourself) as well as bus and truck. We also provide biological treatment plants for laundry, where you save water and act environmentally friendly from several other aspects. The ”Plug & Play” concept that we have developed for the fuel side can also be implemented on laundry, and we can offer complete above-ground washing facilities that can be leased.

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