Gas station – DieselUnit
Diesel / petrol from 1 – 80 m3
Our diesel Unit, petrol stations, HVO and biodiesel are supplied as a complete fuel power plant, built up via a modular system. The design offers maximum flexibility in terms of tank volumes, pumps, design, payment system, AdBlue, washer fluid, etc.

Our petrol stations and diesel facilities

Our diesel installations and solutions for AdBlue are available from 1m3 to 76m3 + 4m3. What sets the limits are the transport measures in Europe, allowing us to build a maximum of 15 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3.3 meters high to avoid an accompanying car.

Our motto is ”Solutions you can rely on”, by which we mean that you as a customer should always feel safe when you buy an installation for diesel, petrol station or other means from us. We comply with all regulations set in each country and in Sweden we take into account the basic regulations of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for protection against soil and water pollution when handling flammable liquids and waste oil, NFS 2017: 5 and MSBFS 2018 : 3 (regulations and general advice on tanks with connected pipelines for flammable liquids, from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency). Our self-designed tanks for petrol stations meet the requirements for a 12-year inspection. We have a solution where the cistern is in a quay, which means that it is classified for placement in a water protection area and can be inspected. All facilities come with a Manufacturing Control Certificate of an A-body and we can also provide an Installation Control Certificate as a C-body.

Diesel plant in two days

Our petrol stations are delivered as ”Plug & Play”, with minimal on-site installation work. This means that you can get started within two days of the tank’s arrival. On day 1, air ducts are constructed, electricity installed and installation checked, day 2 the rescue service is inspected and fuel is refueled. Because our diesel installations require minimal installation work and have the most optimal footprint in the entire industry, the plant can easily be placed on, for example, a construction site, bus or truck center or in the countryside. If you are not satisfied with the location, it is possible to relocate the facility, count on one day for completion.

Our solutions