Environmental policy

We aim to act responsibly to encourage and educate our employees and subcontractors and engage them in environmental work, through environmental, health and safety measures.

We want to achieve a high level of health and safety through safe work routines and by complying with the legal safety requirements.

We constantly strive for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of all articles, tools and substances used, for customers at all levels.

Malte Fuel & Wash provides its employees with the information, education, training and monitoring required to promote the health and safety of all individuals involved, as well as to reduce the environmental impact.

Our goals:

Maintain a high standard of health and safety in current locations
Encourage active participation from company employees at all levels to improve health, safety and environmental performance
Constantly review and improve safety conditions and environmental waste management
Prevent pollution and protect the environment by following established policies
Minimize waste and the use of energy, water and other natural resources in our business
Strive to provide environmentally friendly and climate-positive solutions in all operations

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