Truck Wash & Bus Wash.

Ever since we started with treatment plants and washing solutions, we have been strong in the area of truck washing and bus washing in southern and central Sweden. We can offer our customers solutions that are both cost-effective and robust.

Our solurions.


We at Malte are proud to be able to offer our customers a number of quality and sustainable solutions for external washing of buses and trucks. We offer a range of professional and flexible washing systems with one to three brushes.

Flexible and tailor-made treatment plants

Our bus and truck washers can still be mounted on the floor for washing stationary vehicles, such as with through-wash or with semi-through-wash.

The washing facilities can, if desired, be provided with control of doors and washing programs that are adapted to each unique vehicle, as well as with possibilities for manual washing with associated recycling and purification systems. Kemp application is available as an option, either at the entrance to the washing plant or at the laundry itself. The laundry can also be supplemented with such things as high-pressure systems, under-rinsing and jet nozzles. We tailor your facility to your specific needs and always provide solutions you can trust.

Washes most larger vehicles

A treatment plant supplied by Malte handles most types of trucks and buses, from vans to advanced timber trucks, as well as ordinary buses as well as articulated buses. The washing plants’ unique high-pressure system and advanced control technology also allow washing of complicated vehicles. The laundry facilities can be equipped with monitoring systems that make it possible to use so-called unattended laundry, so that external laundry customers can use the laundry and be charged automatically.

User-friendly facilities

With Malta’s treatment plants, bus and truck washing is never dependent on the driver’s judgment regarding the operation of the vehicle. By following the traffic lights in the washing system, the driver is guided with ease throughout the washing process. Instead of bringing the vehicle to the brushes, brushes are brought to the vehicle, which provides a consistent and controlled washing process.

Durable washing solutions

Malta’s bus washing systems are more efficient with water, chemicals and electricity than traditional systems, as we reuse the water and only use biological treatment. The machine’s nozzles are optimized to minimize water consumption and still achieve a really good washing result. In this way, your facility is at the same time environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

From individual installations to turnkey contracts

Malta’s treatment plants and washing solutions can be ordered as individual installations of machines as well as completely complete projects. We can deliver everything from simple rinsing to entire, well-equipped laundry rooms. When it comes to laundry, we do everything from individual installations of machines to completely complete projects. To our customer Neoplan in Gothenburg, Malte had a turnkey contract and successfully delivered a hall with cleaning and washing machines.