Cleaning treatment

Rowafil Bionic water purification system

Rowalfil Bionic treatment unit is based on biological treatment, where all washing water is recycled in a closed system.

Cleaning treatment

The path of water:

The excess water from the laundry hall flows via the flush gutters into a sludge well, where the larger particles sink and settle. Then the water flows into the aeration well, which is about the same size as the sludge well, about 4-10 kbm (depending on the model of the treatment plant).
The aeration well is heavily filled with air that has two functions:
a) To remove volatile substances in the water
b) To saturate the water with oxygen to avoid anaerobic processes
From the aeration well, the water is transported by a submersible pump (grinder pump) to the recycling unit. There, a hydrocyclone first passes through filtration, where basically all solid pollutants are separated. The filtered water (approx. 90%) continues to the bioreactor tanks. The remaining water (approx. 10%) is returned to the sludge chamber together with sorted contaminants. With the filter process, a purity value of 5 microns is achieved. The water thus remains in the closed process and the particles settle to the sludge well in the treatment plant.
The filtered water is transported further and passes through the bioreactor tanks where chemical pollutants such as oil and washing chemicals are broken down in a biological way, by a living bioculture. At the bottom of the reactors at the treatment plant are automatic valves that rinse daily from ”dead” microorganisms to the sludge well.
The purified water is collected in a clean water tank, from where it is reused in the washing process and the washing machine that is in the treatment plant.
At each car wash, about 25 – 38 liters of new water are added to the last rinse, depending on the washing program.

The cleaning treatment  also needs to be maintained

When using a high-pressure system for under flushing, as well as on a machine, the amount of water supplied can increase to 60 – 75 liters.

The maintenance of the treatment plant is minimized to 3-4 min / day. The inspection consists of checking the function of valves, cyclones, nozzles and more, so that they do not become clogged and block the process flow.

The end result in the Bionic treatment system is a purified recycled water that is suitable for the washing machine. The dimensioning is from case to case designed to cope with the number of washes for which the facility is designed.

  • Bionic 20, 2000 l / h, 8 – 10 cars, 2-3 buses per hour
  • Bionic 40, 4000 l / h, 16-20 cars, 3-6 buses / trucks per hour
  • Bionic 60, 6000 l / h, <10 buses / trucks per hour
  • The bionic treatment plant is designed to meet the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s guideline values.


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