Compact solution with space for 4.9 - 7.2 - 9.8 - 2x3.6 - 2x4.9 m3 fuel for a number of different liquid fuels

The unit is a compact pre-fabricated tank solution that can be delivered with two tank compartments, for two different fuels. The limited volume of 9,800 liters also allows establishment in markets where this is precisely the requirement.

The cisterns are horizontal, rectangular and made of steel that is placed in an embankment, also made of steel. Everything is corrosion protected and with internal protection in the form of anodes. Optional internal coating is also available.

The cisterns are hidden behind a facade of sheet metal, which can be painted in any color as an option. This together with a roof ramp that runs around the entire facility, where it can also be delivered in any color as an option. The ramp also has space for decals or simpler signs.

Filling of the tank (s) takes place via a lockable door on the rear short side of the system. There are also spills of> 150 liters, as well as a contact for overfill protection. The foundation of the plant is clad with non-slip aluminum floor plate. Above the foundation, there are recessed LED luminaires in the suspended ceiling.

The entire unit is delivered in a package that is lifted on site, and only requires connection of incoming electricity and possibly wired internet, from the ground. The surface needs to be hardened gravel surface, which is completely level in level. The final assembly on site is done in a single working day, if everything is prepared according to our instructions.

The unit is delivered as standard with pump, power station and suspended ceiling lighting. It is also prepared for a card terminal, which is connected to the pump. The plant is prepared for pumps and card terminals of various makes if desired.

Briefly about the products

Metanol, Alkylat, RME, diesel or HVO
Lockable space for filling
Compact footprint