Thanks to our good collaboration with Svea leasing, we can offer financing solutions such as leasing or rental.

For you as a customer, the opportunity to choose a leasing agreement with Svea means, among other things:

Freeing up capital to invest in more facilities
Secure financing and protection, through Svea Leasing’s all-risk insurance.
”Financing via Functional and / or Leasing Agreement”

When financing via a Functional or Leasing Agreement, the customer is offered a freedom of choice to use equity in a more efficient manner. Why tie up free, equity in equipment, which is needed better in day-to-day operations? Restricted equipment capital instead performs better as a buffer should something unforeseen occur.

Functional agreements and Leasing are a form of long-term lease where the company distributes the cost over time. The financier owns and the company uses the equipment. After the end of the contract period, you and your company can buy the relevant equipment for a predetermined amount. When leasing, as a rule, 3 – 10% of the amount financed.

Benefits of Functional and Leasing Agreements:

Secure financing
The equipment is as security.
Opportunity for financing up to 100 percent
The customer has a full right of use of the equipment
Operating and leasing costs are easy to budget
The customer retains their liquidity by not tying up capital in the equipment
Working capital is released, which can be used for other things in the business
The function and leasing fee is a fully deductible expense
You keep your credit space with the bank
In the case of a Function Agreement, the function is grouped on a monthly invoice

Who can sign Functional and / or Leasing agreements for business-critical equipment? -Almost all private traders and public enterprises can sign agreements on equipment. A prerequisite for the companies and businesses that want to sign agreements is that they are liable for VAT reporting.

The contract period for leased and / or leased equipment is normally 2 – 6 years. In many cases, this depends on the equipment to be leased / rented and how long the economic life is for the equipment in question. The customer chooses which contract period suits him best.

Functional agreements are signed on equipment that is dependent on ongoing service and on equipment that is to be regarded as consumables, as it is delivered monthly, quarterly or annually. The latter of course depends on how much the equipment is used. A car wash often needs regular service and maintenance together with chemicals that are consumed with each wash. All these costs needed to maintain high delivery quality in a car wash are baked into the monthly cost.

At the end of the contract period, you buy the equipment loose or change to a new equipment. You can also bake a brush change in the car wash once a year to ensure a high quality wash in this way.

Contact us if you have any questions about our financing arrangements, and feel free to visit Svea Leasing, to read more about how leasing can work!


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