Malta's Fuel Guide

Find the right fuel solution for you

Start of Construction.

If the choice is an above-ground tank Unit, the actual production of the unit begins in this step.

This means a ”Plug & Play” solution that significantly shortens the preparatory work on the property. Ground preparation work can then be started shortly before delivery of the Unit from production.

If you choose a more traditional facility with the cistern in the ground, preparatory ground work will begin on the property as soon as possible.

The need for earthworks differs a lot between construction with the cistern above ground or below ground. For a system above ground, installations in the ground usually only include oil separators with pipelines for stormwater, electrical wiring and any concrete spill plates.

An underground facility requires a shaft that holds the tank, as well as all pipelines for the fuel to and from the tank. You also need a foundation with a roof that requires anchoring in the ground, together with the same need for oil separators etc. as a system above ground.