Our car washes have the highest environmental certification

We have solid experience of delivering high-performance car wash solutions to different types of customers. We can take care of everything from building permits, planning and construction to turnkey solutions. Malta – Solutions you can trust!

Feel free to take a closer look at our range and contact us if you do not find what you are looking for, and we will help you find an optimal solution based on your conditions!


Environment & Design

Protecting the environment is something that permeates everything we do at Malte. Everything from choice of suppliers to construction processes. We know how important it is for you as a service provider to be able to demonstrate the minimal impression your customers make by choosing your facility and your services. A conscious environmental choice will lead to more business, and your success is our aim!

Our products have a Scandinavian design that stands for quality and simplicity, and it constitutes an optimal basis for profiling your brand. We can provide the most high quality and smart facilities on the market.

Our Solutions


Did you know

8 out of 10 cars that roll in traffic have gone through one of our Car washes

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