Now that the debate is high-intensity on how we can and need to adjust our lives to better take care of our common environment, the debate obviously also includes fuel and fuel sales.

Our friends at Aspen give their dealers the opportunity to sell Alkylate petrol via pump, as a complement to cans. Important in this context is that for every 1,000 liters of Alkylate sold via a pump where the customer has their own container, the handling of up to 200 empty plastic cans is saved. The fact that the fuel itself also has good environmental properties strengthens the arguments for this type of filling station for general sale. Malte Fuel & Wash has developed a very well-adapted product for the purpose that we have given the name Compact Unit. As the name reveals, it is extremely compact, but at the same time complete. Refueling customers have expressed great satisfaction with the improved opportunities to buy Alkylate 2h and 4h from the pump.

Some of our customers


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