If you have needs and requirements for an efficient and market-attractive facility to be able to supply fuel to the market, we have the solution.

New construction

At Malte, we have all the expertise required to design and build new fuel plants, for both the oil companies we work with, such as Ingo and din-X, and other industries. We work with everything from pure construction contracts to projecting on a turnkey contract, applying for all government permits and delivering turnkey facilities.


We have a strong focus on being solution-oriented, and we are happy to help our customers with existing facilities to solve everything from pipe replacement, product replacement, replacement / installation of oil separators to construction of waste zones. We design, apply for permits from authorities and carry out the contract for our customers. We will of course help you apply for all government permits and deliver turnkey facilities. As we have the expertise required under our own roof, we do not use external consultants but take care of everything ourselves, which contributes to increasingly cost-effective solutions for you as a customer.


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