Policy on social responsibility

Our commitments

At Malte, we integrate our transparent and established values ​​regarding social, economic and environmental responsibility) in all business operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders in the best way. Our stakeholders include customers, employees, suppliers, society and the environment.

We take all feedback from our stakeholders seriously and maintain an open dialogue as far as possible to ensure that we meet the requirements set out in this policy.

The responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with all employees throughout the company.

We openly and honestly communicate strategies, goals, results and activities to stakeholders in our constant commitment to sustainable development.

We pursue a conscious partnership focus.

We strive to ensure strong business development, and at the same time maintain our good values ​​around honesty, partnership and impartiality in relation to our stakeholders.

We support the development of our external stakeholders through shared best practices.

Our agreements describe clearly agreed terms, conditions and basis for our collaborations, in order to protect against unfair business practices.

We encourage our suppliers and contractors to work for a responsible business policy and practice.

We promote and support a positive dialogue with our local actors.

We register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our high demands for good service.

We pursue a gender equality policy for all current and future employees and offer clear and fair terms of employment, as well as provide opportunities for continuous development.

We maintain a clear and fair remuneration policy for our employees and offer forums for career counseling and opportunities for influence.

We offer security so that all employees, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, are treated with respect and without any form of sexual, physical or mental harassment.

We offer and maintain a clean, healthy and safe work environment.

We are constantly developing our environmental policy as part of our business.

Quality policy

We strive for the highest quality

Malte Fuel & Wash AB’s main goal is to always achieve the highest possible quality of products, services and service. The customer’s requirements for the best solutions regarding fuel and wash are always at the center.

Malte will continuously strive to maintain and at the same time develop and strengthen its position as a leading company in the fuel and wash area. This is to be achieved by:

constantly develop and improve the business
meet requirements for the business and for our products
develop efficient production processes and optimize technical solutions, which assure our customers that Malte remains the best supplier alternative
maintain a high level of service
provide a corporate culture that promotes employee development

Environmental policy

Policy on social responsibility

Core values