Pump islands and weather protection
Safety, flexibility and quality are the watchwords for Malta’s pumping islands. The discreet design also makes the facility easy to place.

Maltes Pump island is fully comparable to traditional canopy solutions, with updated features and a modern flexibility in accordance with today’s needs.
The pump island can be delivered complete with pumps and space for a card terminal, according to the motto ”Plug & Play”. The power station can be placed inside an integrated and isolated technology room as an option.

All components are adapted and constructed of durable material with regard to weather and wind. The overall materials are aluminum and galvanized sheet metal.

The unit is built on a strong steel frame and lifts in place in loops with a crane truck. It is advantageous to be able to establish a facility quickly and easily. Even closing an existing complete facility and moving it to another location becomes relatively easy when the equipment is above ground.

When establishing, no extensive earthworks are required, which entails low installation costs. This adds to the facility’s mobile features.

We always adapt the pump island to needs and wishes, and to the facility’s surroundings.

Briefly about the products


Plug & Play – Complete unit

Washer fluid can be built in  / AdBlue

Available in flat package




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