Start truck

This is a robust washing construction in pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel, consisting of four pillars in the lower part and in the upper part connected by beams, on which the group carrying the vertical breast carriages is fixed.

The design includes cabinets for electrical cards and cabinets for hydropneumatic groups and chemical products, made of fiberglass and with a modern and functional design. The gearboxes are waterproof and come with a special, corrosion-protected alloy.

The Startruck wash has a wide range of programming possibilities for trucks as well as buses, vans and cars, with the possibility of specific handling of different types of mirrors, spoilers, platforms with side banks, trailers, hooks, rear hydraulic platforms etc.

The installation has overlapping double brushes front and back and a 7 ’color display screen for total management of the programs and settings, and simple and fast program selections.


  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • Roll-over with direct drive, through inverter
  • Fasteners in stainless steel

Vertical brushes

  • Four-beam guide in hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Electronic control
  • Electric movement through the timing belt
  • Overlapping brushes front and back
  • Safety devices for excessive brush pressure

Horizontal brushes

  • Electric lifting through inverter
  • Electronic control
  • Steering in hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Double lifting belt with safety sensors

Medium pressure and prewash with high flow

  • Medium pressure on the underside
  • Average pressure on the sides *
  • Average pressure on the side with rotating brush heads *

Standard functions

  • Hydraulic circuit with solenoid valves and special ramps
  • Dosing pump for shampoo
  • Wall-mounted control terminal with numeric keypad and color display

Briefly about the products

Buss & Trucks
High capacity
Minimal maintenance




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