We do not hand over a facility without taking on long-term responsibility. Regardless of whether it is a washing or fuel plant, it is important to us that the plant works well. Therefore, we are happy to share the expertise we have about the components of the new facility.

Although our basic principle is always to deliver market-leading and complete solutions, it may be that you want more knowledge in some area regarding your business. You and your staff will of course receive training on site when we complete our delivery, in how the facility works and how it should be managed.

If you have other wishes, we can offer tailor-made solutions for you as a customer, where we ourselves or our partners train you and your staff.

As we have good knowledge regarding different types of fuel and about the requirements that apply for the future, we can, for example, offer training in this area. We have also held trainings for local rescue services. If you work in the rescue service or other relevant authorities, do not hesitate to contact us to hear more about our specific training program.


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