Our car washes have the highest environmental certification

Car wash & Vehicle wash.

We have been active in vehicle washing – car washing for 25 years and during these years we have built up a knowledge bank and a network of contacts that allows us to proudly offer complete quality solutions in car washing and vehicle washing. We work with carefully selected, established suppliers of machinery, purification and chemistry.

Car Wash & Vehicle Wash – One thing we have solid knowledge of.

We dare to stick out our chin and say that we are the only supplier in Sweden that has solid knowledge of Fuel and Wash car wash. This means that we can offer you as a customer a complete range of solutions in both areas. We apply what we have learned in Fuel as far as possible to car wash / vehicle wash, which means that we will soon be able to present a Plug & Play facility for both truck / bus and car wash!

Environment & Design

Protecting the environment is something that permeates everything we do at Malte Fuel and Wash. Everything from the choice of suppliers to construction processes – of course also with our car washes. We know how important it is for you as a service provider to be able to demonstrate the minimal impression that your customers in turn make by choosing your services and your facility with car wash / vehicle wash. A conscious environmental choice should lead to more business.

Our solutions


Did you know that 8/10 imported cars to Sweden get their first car wash in one of our facilities?

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